Twin Tiers Mini Maker Faire, Join Me!


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I didn’t expect to have two days in a row of my day job being cancelled due to the blizzard but Ithaca, NY continues to be largely shut down as we dig out from under Stella.   Its a nice respite that is allowing me to get some things done that I kept putting on the back burner, like this blog.

I started 2017 with a lot of ambition.  I registered my business, got my sales tax certificate, tweaked my Etsy listings and started on a new line of bucket bags.  I was feeling pretty stoked and then I applied for a craft fair that I really wanted to be a part of… and got turned down.

I know it isn’t personal but it sure feels like a kick in the gut when you get a thanks but no thanks email.  It makes me think about just going to my day job and saying the hell with this whole crafting thing.  Do I need to dedicate my off hours to this?  Am I accomplishing anything?  What am I trying to accomplish anyway?

A day or two later I got an email, reminding me about an upcoming maker faire that the organizers really wanted me to be a part of.  They wanted me and had noticed that I hadn’t returned my application!  The world is funny place and I’m embracing the unexpected opportunity.  (I’ve had a few of these recently that I’ll share in future posts.)

If you’re local, join me for the Twin Tiers Mini Maker Faire on Saturday, March 25th 10 – 3 at the Arnot Mall.  To quote directly from their website: A Mini Maker Faire is an event that “celebrates arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and the DIY mindset”.  This is a free event.

If you stop by my booth, you’ll get to see my love of upcycling in action.  I’ll have samples of some of my bags for you to see and touch.  You’ll also have the opportunity to make an Upcycled, Drawstring, Treasure bag out of an upcycled t-shirt sleeve.  This is activity is great for kids and is absolutely free.

I’m off to prep more t-shirt sleeves for next weekend.  (Yes it’s still snowing here.)  Hope to see you there!








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