Taking Care of Business


I had an amazing time at the Twin Tiers Mini Maker Faire this past weekend.  I met so many kids and adults who were excited by the idea of upcycling and were enthralled that they could made a drawstring treasure bag so quickly and simply.

My oldest son was a great help in keeping things moving along, especially since people often descended on our booth in groups.  We tried to make a daily life connection to what we were doing by pointing out that if you know how to thread a drawstring, you also know how to put the string back into your sweatpants, shorts, pajama pants and hoodies.  This was an amazing a-ha moment for so many kids, and more than a few adults.

When the day was over, we had helped people make 100 Upcycled Drawstring Treasure Bags, we had gathered a few emails for a monthly newsletter that I’m planning to launch in May and had given out  a whole lot of business cards with coupon codes on the back.  I took notes about what I forgot to do/bring and what went well.  So much learning in these events.



In other news, I finally set up a signature line with a link to my Etsy shop.  Not sure about the double last name in the email address but that’s not the one I use for business so I’m not worried.  I’ll be adding in Facebook and Instagram links soon.  I can only handle one technological challenge per day.


So much more to share, including why I took a trip to Aurora, NY at 7:45am this morning but I’m short on time.  I’ll leave you with this picture to ponder.



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