Up On the Tight Wire

The balance between family life, my day jobs and my little business can be a tricky.  I envy people who are just able to push through it all.  Sometimes it leaves me with only enough brain space and drive to sit on the couch, knit and drink coffee while snuggling my dog.  Oreo approves of this, as you can clearly see.


A fellow maker who recently started her own clothing business, Tiny Cat Designs, (go check her shop out, her clothes are amazing) and I were talking about ways to combat the perennial lack of time.  I had just finished a special order for a zipper bag that came out of this Instagram picture below, showing some fun upholstery fabric samples I had acquired.


Someone saw the fabric on top, fell in love with it and asked me to make them a bag from it.  We agreed that this might be the way for me to keep new ideas coming to the shop without all of the work happening first.

I’m thinking that a picture like the one below, which shows lining fabric and zipper as well as the outside fabric would be the way to showcase this.


Of course I’d have to have a sample finished object picture like this one below so people will know what they’re getting.


So my plan is to have at least four of these kind of listings live by week’s end.  This will free up a little time to continuing working with the mysterious box of leather scraps I posted a picture of in last last week’s post, or yesterday on Instagram if you follow me there (I’m @savedbykate).   I need to pick the brains of some people familiar with riveting leather (and denim too, I should probably ask all the questions while i’m there, right?), so I’m trying to plan a trip up to a store in Syracuse that has all these supplies.  I don’t want to guess and blindly order what I think I might need off of Amazon.  This hour long drive each way will save me time in the long run.   Maybe tomorrow afternoon if I don’t have to work.

Happy Making!  See you next week.



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