The Long & Winding Road


I made it up to Tandy Leather in Syracuse last Thursday, in spite of car issues (pro tip: if you have service done and they forget to put a washer on your transmission afterwards, bad things can happen) and torrential rain.  For the record, that drive is an hour and fifteen minutes from where I live.  After a confusing/amusing introduction to the staff, I said “I need guidance” and they thought I said, “I need guns,” they were incredibly helpful.  I brought a sample strap and they helped me sort out what size rivets and tools I needed to get the job done.  They were low pressure without being disinterested which was really great.  The best part was the things I needed cost much less than the things I thought I needed.  I’m looking forward to actually trying these gadgets out tomorrow.

As you might have gathered from that last sentence, things are really busy in my world right now.  April seems to be “College Month” around here.  The first weekend in April was spent in Burlington, VT at Accepted Students’ Day for my senior.  We have segued right from that into 3 consecutive weekends of college visits for my junior.   We’re one week into that, two more and things will settle down.


I was able to sneak in stops to two thrift stores on my way home from Syracuse.  There is more t-shirt yarn on the horizon.  These lovelies are already washed and awaiting the cutting mat.  I’ll be experimenting with a slightly different cutting technique on this batch.  I think it will make things go faster but I can’t be sure.  There’s also rumor that I might have a helper with this batch.  We shall see.


Finally, here is a peek at the four upholstery fabric samples that I hope to turn into listings for zipper pouches tomorrow.  My goal had been to do that last week but it just didn’t happen.  Tomorrow afternoon it will!  I’m also about to apply for another craft show.  Wish me luck!  Hope your week is going well.




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