Surging Forward With My Serger!

After being very consistent, I skipped blogging last week.  I tried to carve out the time and failed miserably.  Actually, carving out time has not been something I’ve been good at lately.  In spite of this, sales in my Etsy shop have been brisk, so I need to get that nonsense under control.

I’ve got about a zillion ideas rattling around in my mind that need attention.  Here’s an update on some of them in no particular order.


For a while I thought I would be phasing t-shirt yarn out of my shop.  Its not that I don’t like making it, its more that I prefer the creative outlet that making bags offers.  Each bag is unique in spite of it being the same size and always with a pocket or two.  The t-shirt yarn, on the other hand, is strictly a repetitive task.  Of course at the end of it, there’s a rainbow of loveliness.

After much thought, I’ve decided to keep making the t-shirt yarn but to change a few key aspects of it.  The main one being, I’m not dyeing anymore of the t-shirts so if you love the bleach dyed line, get it while you can.  I’m going to stick to buying the cool tie dyed ones whenever I find them and leave the dyeing to the pros for now.  In the future, who knows?

IMG_2776My recent acquisition of a serger (it’s freaking magical you guys!!) means that more t-shirt throw blankets are likely to show up in the shop.  These are made from parts of the t-shirt that aren’t used for t-shirt yarn.  The serger also means I might start selling drawstring bags made from t-shirt sleeves.  Currently, these hold my t-shirt yarn but I always have extras.  I use them to hold my headphones and other small items to keep them from being lost in my purse.

FullSizeRenderUnlined zipper pouches, which are by far my most popular item at craft fairs, are also going to be revolutionized because of the serger.  Oh and speaking of craft fairs, I just signed up to do one in the Adirondacks this summer.  More on that later.

FullSizeRender_2I’m still fighting with my leather bag handle/rivet project.  Its so close to being a coherent design.

So that is what’s new around here.  Hope your week is a productive one.





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