It all started years ago with some badly ripped jeans…

The very beginnings of my Etsy shop go back to 2006. I had a stack jeans that were pristine everywhere except the knees, which were ripped completely beyond repair. We had recently gotten my young sons’ bunk beds and needed quilts for them. I also had a fiesty 13 year old daughter, who assured me that I could make quilts out of the jeans even though I hadn’t sewn since high school. The sewing knowledge she had gained in her recent home and careers class was enough to keep my sewing machine, newly acquired from Freecycle, running through those first two quilts. That same 13 year old was so impressed with her brothers’ quilts that she placed an order with mom for her own denim quilt shortly thereafter.

Since that time, quilts made of the pristine portions of well loved jeans have made their way into the lives of family and friends for a variety of occasions. Those first denim quilts ignited my passion for working with upcycled materials. Over time, I added upcycled cotton t-shirts to my repertoire and began experimenting with upholstery fabric samples. Tote bags, project bags and zipper pouches were the next logical steps in my upcycling journey.

Now I find myself on a mission to make upcycling not just practical, but beautiful as well. I use upcycled jeans, t-shirts and upholstery fabric samples to creates one of a kind, functional, beautiful tote bags and project bags to help you organize your on-the-go crafting and your world. My project bags all feature an upcycled jeans pocket on the front, the perfect combination of quirkiness and function. You’ll also find t-shirt yarn and other upcycled creations in my shop.

Where some might see rags, I have grown to see endless possibilities. I hope you begin to see the possibilities as well.